Frequently Asked Questions

January 13, 2016

On which computer may I use Seelab GX ?

GX may be installed on Windows 7 or later.

I don't have a Seelab spectrocolorimeter. May I use GX with it ?

Yes, GX is compatible with most spectrocolorimeters on the market. You may use it for Control Quality, Correction, Matching, Database management… Ask us to know whether your devices are interfaced with GX.

Can I download latest GX version ?

If you are under maintenance contract, you may download latest GX version following this link.

If not, please contact us.

Can I try GX ?

Yes, you may ask for a one­month trial version. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Are training sessions organized ?

Yes, we propose on­demand training sessions. Contact us to organize your dedicated training course.

Is GX suitable for colors with effects and/or smooth and structured colors ?

Yes. Together with Seelab GP or GL gonio­spectrophotometers and GX Effect plugin, GX software is perfectly adapted to Control Quality and/or Matching of colors with effects and/or smooth and structured colors.